A homeowner paints the front of his circa 1870 home on Labor Day.
New building construction in Vermont.
Bob Simons, general manager at Brueggers Baels on Church Street shows off an Everything Bagel, as Brueggers and Green Mountain Coffee Roasters both announced the finalized purchase of Timothy’s World Coffees based in Canada.
Grapes during the harvest for making ice wine at Boyden Valley Winery in Cambridge, Vermont.
An electron cyclotron resonance plasma enhanced sputtering system glows behind University of Vermont Professor Walter Varhue, left, and Post Doctorate and Fellow Mike Cross, right, at the Semiconductor Processing Lab on campus, in Burlington, Vt. where Varhue and a team of scientists continue the search for an economical and environmentally friendly source of hydrogen for power.
Renewable NRG Systems, Hinesburg, Vermont.
Church Street, Burlington, Vermont.